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Losing keys is something that everybody around the world has experienced at one point or an other in their lives. And that is exactly when you look out for the best locksmiths in town and find one that not only gets the Locks replaced, but also provides Rekeying  of your locks. It is always good to have multiple sets of keys made so that even if you lose one you have spares. Keys to the home, workplace, mailbox locks or your vehicle are all provided by the best Commercial Locksmith Charlotte NC companies and that is why they are so much in demand.

It is very easy to locate an Emergency Locksmith when browsing the internet, but it is best to look out for a location specific Commercial Locksmith Charlotte NC to find one near you so you get fast professional response time. Having a very impressive presence on the web, it is quite possible to get the best if you search and compare their quotes and their testimonials a bit. Our emergency services not only open locks for you, but we can also replace it and if there is any damages, we repair that too. That is why it is good to get the best locksmith in town so that your security is not at risk.

Highly experienced and competent, Wizard Lock & key Commercial Locksmith Charlotte NC is highly skilled in opening  locks. Especially in the automobile industry, with newer cars being introduced, the  technology in it is well advanced and our skilled locksmiths are indeed very familiar with it. The high end technology based cars need transponder keys to start the cars and the need to replace them can be quite frequent as most people lose their car keys quite often.  Car doors getting accidentally locked is common place in our industry people tend to be in a hurry due to multitasking or attending a phone call. Sometimes, you can slip up and shut the door with the keys inside .

The increasing demand of  High security locks as locking devices that are new and modern with high end technology have led to the manufacture of the locks that are different key less and  include magnetic locks and electronic locks which are very safe to use and provide higher security without the use of keys. Our  locksmith company  provides high end services to suit the needs of  new and modern day locking system like Push button locks.

Steves Locksmith provides a complete assortment of locking systems for the entire home or office and areas where multiple doors and windows are present. Each of these accessible areas need to be kept secure and that is why there is a need for complete locking systems to be in place with Locks Rekeyed if the keys are missing.

There are many reasons why you should call our Residential and Commercial Locksmith Charlotte NC . At  Wizard Lock & key in Charlotte NC. we are available 6 days a week. Since you do not want the loss of keys or a locked car door to spoil the fun from your weekend outing, it is best to get everything checked regularly by our qualifies technicians. Secondly, we have the the knowledge and expertice to open your locked business or home.




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